Tech 52
Name: Jack Harper 52
Status: Alive
Age: Unknown
Date of creation: Unknown
Creationplace: TET, The Alien Space Station
Residence(s): Earth
Affiliation: TET, The Alien Space Station(Briefly)


Profession: Drone Repairer

Scavengers Commander

Rank: Commander
Marital status: Married
Spouse(s): Julia Rusakova
Children: 1 Daughter(Adopted)
Played by: Tom Cruise
Films: Oblivion
First film: Oblivion
Last film: Oblivion
Appears in: 1 film
Jack 52 (2017 - ) is a drone repair expert and a clone of Commander Jack Harper.

"I know him. I am him. I am Jack Harper, and I am home." - Jack 52


Early lifeEdit

52 was created in 2017, as the result of cloning Commander Jack Harper.

Jack 52 met Jack 49 in the Desert, where they fought. In the end, 49 won the fight (knocking 52 unconscious) but injuring Julia in the process.

After the Death of 49, 52 spent the next 3 years lost, in the company of scavengers that told him who he truly was (including the relation between Julia and 49, that like him is a Jack Harper clone).

During the same time Julia gave birth to a Daughter of 49. The last known location of 52 is in the house the original Jack Harper built, married with Julia.

Behind the ScenesEdit

52 was portrayed by Tom Cruise in one film.